Ship Stone Caves Stole the Attention of World Travelers

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Indonesia (Sumbar), ‐- Take a peek at the natural beauty of Ship Stone Cave (GBK) on an expanse of oil palm plantations in Ngalau Indah, West Turmeric River Village, Sangir Balai Janggo District, South Solok Regency, West Sumatera Province, Indonesia.

This cave has seized the attention of local, national, and foreign tourists. The cave was introduced in 2017 and has stolen the attention of world tourists.

Even touted as a magnet and the heart of nature tourism in West Sumatra. There is not just selling the natural beauty around the shade, and cool. However, it has its own charm for every tourist who visits.

“The splendor and uniqueness of millions of natural masterpiece carvings on the cave walls, on the ceiling of the cave, are able to amaze visitors,” said the Sangir Balai Janggo Sub-District Head, Muslim, Thursday, September 30, 2021.

He explained that this scene was seen from the entrance to the alleys of Batu Coral Cave, which resembled a boat stranded on land.

It has a variety of patterns and colors, that’s how visitors feel around the cave.

Wow, it’s so interesting, it’s a loss for visitors who never come and feel the sensation of this ship stone Cave.

“In Cave, it really hypnotizes every visitor who comes, because it doesn’t feel like hours have been spent. One hour feels like one minute,” he explained.

That’s the acrobatic magnet for the feeling of visitors who fall in love with the first touch of Ship Stone Cave, visitors always want to be and walk around each side of the unique cave passage.

“Come to South Solok, enjoy the sensation of the ship stone cave,” he said. (By Ardi Contributor).